For 35 years, Tommerup Ceramic Workcenter has built up an international status within the production of ground-breaking ceramic decorations and art projects for leading Danish and international artists, ceramists, designers and architects.
By offering the best facilities and the best materials, the framework is set for thinking big and visionary.
Enormous kilns and an extensive glaze archive, combined with experience, ingenuity and know-how, make Tommerup Ceramic Workcenter one of the most specialized workshops in the ceramic field.
The professional expertise together with the unique facilities form a professional framework for artistic and ceramic expression. Many of the very large decorations and sculptures that adorn the public space were created at Tommerup Ceramic Workcenter.
Here, the individual artist has the opportunity to go large scale, and it takes place in a creative and welcoming environment, which is available for projects of all kinds.
As knowledge of the workshop’s unique skills and facilities has spread, many new artists are attracted to the place to create high-level ceramic art. This applies to a wide range of artists across generation, gender and artistic expression.